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In 2013 the drummer Jussi left the band. Thank you Jussi for your cool participation in FE. There is one member remaining in FE, the bassist. Fatal Error is now in an inactive state. If the bassist gets some good ideas, new songs will be composed.


Guitarist Juha and singer Juho have left the band. FE thanks Juha and Juho for the fun times and great music. Fatal Error will continue.


Siberian Jesus

Fatal Error's 3rd demo Siberian Jesus is now released. You can listen to the songs in the Music section. The great cover art for the demo was done by Markku Metso. If you want to buy the demo on CD, check info on the Contact page. The price is 4 euros plus postage.


Making of Demo 3 - Bass, Guitars & Vocals clip added to the Video section. Also there is a Facebook like button now on the front page.


Check out Backstage with Fatal Error Episode 3 in the Video section. Photos from the Rytmikellari and Ykän pub gigs added to the Photo section.


All the recordings for the new demo are done. The demo awaits mixing.


FE is making good progress with the new demo. All the basses have been recorded. Also two new gigs were confirmed for April. Welcome to check out the show. More info in the Gigs section.


Codings are done and the guitar recordings are on. Fatal Error wishes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.


We will record guitars for the 3rd demo as soon as our guitarist finishes his coding duties.


The drums for FE's 3rd demo were recorded at the end of July. Making of Demo 3 - The Drums film can be found in the Video section.


Fatal Error will soon begin recording the band's 3rd demo. Episode 2 of Backstage with Fatal Error was added to the Video section.


Fatal Error has entered the Twitter.


A lot of photos from Hevimesta 07.04.2010 gig added to the Photo section.


First episode of Backstage with Fatal Error added to the Video section.


Photos from Blankstock 2010 gig added to the Photo section.


Start time for tomorrows Fatal Error gig at Blankstock 2010 has changed. FE will play at 22:00.


Fatal Error heads to Hevimesta to play live on April 7th. Check out the Gigs section for more details.


You can connect with Fatal Error at Facebook. Guest musicians added to the Band section.


New gig confirmed. Fatal Error will be playing at Blankstock 2010 March 31th. More information in the Gigs section.


The official home page of Fatal Error is now opened. On this site you will find the latest band news, photos and videos. The site will be kept up-to-date. We hope you enjoy your browsing.


Fatal Error is a Finnish heavy rock band from Oulu. The band started its journey in 2005. Fatal Error is emotional, melodic, nostalgic, strong, intelligent, sadistic and raw but in the end playful, congenial and riveting. Our goal is to take over the world one mistake at a time.

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